Welcome to Unparalleled Weekly

Hi, I’m Joe Balcom.

I write three essays a week about what it means to live an unparalleled life. This includes the topics of meaningful work, inspiring travel, and optimal mental performance. I write from a position of deep reading and a range of amazing experiences:

You might not know it from reading that list, but I am also the son of two parents with lifelong, and at times debilitating mental illnesses. My story is their story, and I dedicate everything I do to them. Through all of their difficulties, they have empowered and inspired me to be the best I can be, regardless of circumstances.

Mental health is a complicated thing, and its challenges are not something you have to handle alone. I hope that by writing about my experiences, I can be of some help to those who need it.

Everyone has a unique story to tell from which we can all learn important lessons. I have taken it on as my mission to tell mine through extreme vulnerability (something I still struggle with), and help others gather the courage to tell theirs in the process.

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